We adopted ABR Pumbaa 4 years ago.  We kept his name as it fit our history of Disney names for our boxers (former-Sebastian, current-Dory).  My wife spotted him at the adoption day and it was love at first sight.  He watched her across the park as she walked up and then he stood on his hind legs and gave her the softest hug ever.  He was the BEST hugger and would offer them up freely to anyone close by.  We brought him home a couple of weeks later and he offered nothing but love to everyone he met.  As my wife said from day one, he’s the most “cartoony” dog ever!  He would run and slip/slide all over the house, talk to you endlessly if you didn’t pay attention to him, and every night when you told him it was time to go to bed he would look at you like you were a complete stranger speaking gibberish.  We all wish that we could have seen him as a puppy because he must have been hilarious.

Unfortunately, Pumbaa developed a spinal cord issue quickly affecting his ability to walk and began to go into kidney failure.  We had to say goodbye to him yesterday afternoon.  We only had him for 4 years, but he was the hardest Boxer we’ve had to say goodbye to as he simply loved us every day, no matter what.

Thank you ABR for what you do.  You made our lives so much richer by allowing us to adopt Pumbaa.