Princess now Penelope MemorialI unfortunately have very sad news. Princess, who we renamed Penelope (“Penny”) passed on November 13th. In October, we had cancer removed from her front and back legs; a month later, she had a change in condition and I had to take her to the emergency vet clinic. They did x-rays and found a softball size tumor in her spleen that was bleeding out. It caused her blood pressure to suddenly drop and she passed out. After many tests and much consultation with the vet, it was determined we needed to put her to sleep. Everyone here at the nursing home was heart broken.
She brought such joy into our lives though she wasn’t with us a year. The residents loved that she would sit at the elevator and greet all visitors and they came and left the building. When we adopted her she weighed 101 lbs. We put her on diet dog food recommended by the vet and her weight got down to 68 lbs. She became much more active and feisty. She was such a sweetheart and loved attention from everyone. She would go with me on rounds up and down the hall and say hello to everyone she passed. We were so looking forward to her first Christmas with us.
The residents still talk about her on a daily basis and we all miss her greatly. She was such a blessing to us. Here is a photo of Princess a week after her adoption. The staff pitched in and sent me flowers from them and her thanking me for choosing Princess and bringing her into their lives.
Jennifer Aguirre