Hamish cleaning Poppy's ears-20160609 Naptime on the deck-20160609 Watching the deer-20160609 Poppy's New Bling


We are so happy with her!

Her new name is Poppy. Hamish was smitten from the moment they met. He followed her around so close for the first few days, I really expected her to get fed up and tell him off, but she never did. He’s giving her some space now – I guess the “new” has worn off. He does this little sideways head-butt thing to try to get her to play, but I don’t think she’s too sure what he’s doing. She just kind of looks at him like “um…. okay….” and goes on about her business.

Chili yipped at her a few times at first when she got too close, but Poppy just ignored her and walked away. I’m sure they’ll be good buddies eventually. All in all, she’s settled in very well and we’re crazy about her. She’s a wonderful dog and we couldn’t be more pleased.

She’s had her first visit with our vet, and he’s started her on a 10-week course of heartworm treatment. She had the first injection on Monday and is doing very well, and is due for her next injection in a month. We just want her to be completely well as soon as possible.

We were warned that boxers tend to drool a lot and we haven’t really seen that with Poppy – except at meal or treat times…. then it’s like a faucet gets turned on! But she’s such a sweetie, we don’t care if we have to mop up buckets of slobber. :)

We want to thank Jacque, Shari and all of Austin Boxer Rescue for putting us together with our lovely girl, and for all the work you do to make better lives for these sweet pups.