Patsy had me wrapped around her finger. from the moment i saw her across the field at adoption day i fell in love. when i tell you my life revolved around this dog…. the bond we shared -rooted in her special need to rely on me more than a hearing dog- i don’t really know how to describe it. when they say velcro dog, that may even be an understatement. i just want y’all to know that patsy got absolutely everything she wanted and i loved her so much i really can’t even put it into words.
not hearing her paws patter across the floor looking for me and seeing her empty bed next to my desk is like a knife to the heart. i originally thought i’d have more time to love her and she fought so hard to stay with me as long as she did, but she was exhausted and i knew it was time. i’m trying to find peace in knowing that i fit a lifetime of love into the two+ years we had together. i will always treasure every beautiful memory. what a blessing to love something so much that saying goodbye is absolutely unbearable.

Patsy Cline, i’ll be loving you always. 💞