PantherHEJust wanted to send out a message of how happy and blessed we are to have Cuervo (aka Panther) in our family. I will have to admit at first that we were a little nervous at first getting another boxer along with one we already had because we did not know the past and what his behaviors were but ABR was so patient and so good at picking out the perfect 2nd Boxer for our household. Cuervo is so spoiled and because of his good home he is so, so loyal to us. He is an amazing dog with so many quirky, funny characteristics. We love him so much. When we got him he was so underweight and dirty. After a nice long bath (along with him giving me one!) he had the most beautiful coat I have ever seen on a boxer! He was so happy and he fatten up very quickly. As there use to be two of us running in the mornings (Carlita and I) now there are three of us and he is doing so well at heeling! He learns quickly (which obviously is not uncommon for boxers) and is so eager to learn new things. We are so happy to have him. Thank you so much ABR!
PS I would say his only fault and really its not fault of his own is that he snores and farts like a man! But we can handle that! J

Best Regards,

Chris Valdez