olivehorse1_250x250Olive (formerly Wilma)

We feel very lucky to have Olive as one of our family members. She is a perfect angel, my best friend, and by far the sweetest little boxer I have ever come across. She came to us still very scared and haunted by her upbringing and her past at a backyard puppy mill but over the past few months she has become the happiest, wiggliest, most playful little girl who is full of energy and life. Besides from her physical scars, no one would ever know she came from where she did and the neglect she endured and we are amazed by her every day. She has learned to play with toys and loves stuffed animals (as you can see by the picture). She is so well behaved and smart… her and I go everywhere together, sometimes even to work. My husband and I are very grateful for the care and chance at life that the ABR gives these dogs and for bringing this sweet little girl into our lives.

Sara and Andrew Thompson