We foster failed on Nelson in 2009. We were blessed to have him in our lives for 10 years and he was my best friend.

Nelson was a protector by nature and no one was allowed on “his” sidewalk! Nelson allowed foster after foster into the house and was always such a gentlemen. He was a head turner when we were out in public, he was such a handsome gentle giant. Nelson would always greet me at the door and was always so happy to see me.

We had to make the terribly hard and heart wrenching decision to help him over the bridge, his body just failed him. His mind was still so sharp and he wanted to “box and play” mentally but we could not watch him struggle any longer. I held his face in my hands while he took his last breath and I pray he heard me tell him “Nelson, you are a good boy and I love you so much and thank you for being an amazing pup”…

There will never be another Nelson and I am thankful that we were given the gift of having him in our lives for 10 years…love you big head!

Love, Shannon Rankin