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Memorial: Mushi

I would like to submit a memorial for my beloved Mushi. She was adopted by a friend from ABR in late 2011 or early 2012. I fell in love with her immediately and was always eager to dog sit when her mom had to go out of town. A change in life circumstances meant that her adoptive mom couldn’t care for Mushi anymore and I gladly welcomed her into my home in October 2014. My sister and I loved her aggressively for almost two years, and the amount of joy she brought to our lives was immeasurable! Her ever present tongue made her a social media favorite, and her silly ways made us laugh daily. She was the ultimate snuggle bug! With the heaviest of hearts, I laid my sweet Mushi-girl to rest on September 4th. Until that morning, she was her same spirited self, but a trip to the ER vet revealed she was riddled with cancer and there was nothing to be done. My sister, who rivals me as Mushi’s biggest fan, was with me and we got to love on her for hours before saying good-bye. I’m still in shock. I can’t believe she’s gone. Thank you ABR for my best friend. My Wiggle-butt, my Squishles, my Moosh. :o( Thank you, Noelle Van Eynde