MunroeHE1_250x250Munroe is just a fetch addict and she really shows some spectacular athleticism with the frisbee as you can see from the pics. We are fortunate to have a large retention pond a block from the house which has become our nearly daily fetch site.

I don’t know if it is a boxer thing, but Munroe can tear up toys faster than we can replace them – we are now having better luck with Kong toys including a very cool rubber frisbee (she destroyed three normal frisbees) – fortunately, the chewing is on her toys and not other household items.

She has mastered the dog door. Seems that she just had a problem coming inside without permission – when we were present, she wouldn’t come in. Then she just started coming in when we were around and now she just comes and goes when she wants.

She is doing “ok” on the lease, but still has problems with distractions, especially other dogs. We had a bad experience with our first (and only) visit to the local dog park, but I think we were to blame. She was not yet used to us yet and we took her with far too much pent up energy. Next time, probably this weekend, we will play a round of frisbee first. She spent all day yesterday with the great dane puppy and it went very well although we could see Munroe was ready for the puppy to leave by the end of the day. The puppy is very energetic, dominate, and already 4″ taller than Munroe. Munroe did win at wrestling in the back yard and at tug-o-war but she also got slimed several times with great dane drool.

I think she is over any food aggression. Although we didn’t feed her when the puppy was here, they did not fight when given some small Thanksgiving dinner leftovers and at one point, they were laying side by side in the back yard and Munroe was chewing on her bone (we total forgot to pick it up). She has also put on some weight and the ribs are now not as visible.

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I hope you enjoy the pictures, I really enjoyed taking them.