muffin_memorialMuffin was a sweet elderly dog who was almost dead when she was turned over to the rescue by her owners. When she came into rescue, this old lady’s heart was packed with heartworms, she had a thyroid condition that was untreated, and she was infested with fleas and ticks. This was only a small portion of her problems. She was underweight, her hair was coarse and thickened, and she was very depressed. Her saving grace was a wonderful family that met her at an adoption day and decided they needed to give her the best end to her life that they could offer. Sue and Davis gave this girl the princess storybook ending to her life that she deserved. All of her medical needs were tended to, as well as her emotional needs. They believe she went peacefully and happy. She appeared to be running when she passed. Ironically, she could barely stand when she entered rescue, so for her to be able to run was a blessing in itself.
Thank you Sue and David for everything you did for this wonderful girl – she lived as long as she did because of you!