Mr BeefyMr. Beefy is healthy, happy, handsome, and very much in love with Mia, our deaf, white boxer. They are best of friends and inseparable. When Mr. Beefy arrived, she quickly took to mothering him and teaching him all the rules of the house. He helps her to hear and it has proved very useful when my husband travels. Mr. Beefy barks and Mia (who is over 60 pounds) goes to door to “take care of business.” Basically, he alerts her to problems and she addresses them. They like to get into trouble too, but what puppy doesn’t!! We feel so blessed to have Mr. Beefy as part of our family and we will try to bring him out to future ABR events so y’all can see him. I have attached a couple of pics of Mia & Mr. Beefy.
We try to always spread the good word of ABR whenever we can. Y’all do great things for great animals (and their families)!!!

Laurie Gotcher :)