Today my wife and I lost this beautiful, sweet, far-too-young girl, helping her to the edge of the Rainbow Bridge.  Cancer had spread in her and quickly, stunning us with its cruelty and thievery.  We never made it to her canine oncology appointment, scheduled for next week.  What if…if only…I wish…

Molly was with us for a short three years of her six, yet what she brought to our home felt like so much more.  While each of us feel that our dogs are nothing less than pure in heart, Molly exemplified this trait to a degree not commonly seen.  She was my wife’s shadow, always near her when Debbie was home, forgetting about everyone else during those times.  They were inseparable.  Our other Boxer, Gunner (ABR Kaboodle), was her constant companion yet even he took a back seat to Debbie’s presence.  When my wife was home, no one else in the world existed…and I loved that.

In my 69 years, I have never seen a stronger relationship between dog and human, and it was my privilege to observe this every day.  Molly would patrol our home and property in a constant attempt to find her bipedal soulmate when Debbie was at work.  Their bond was undeniable, and one that mere words fail to adequately describe.  It was as though each of them had an almost telepathic connection, one knowing the other’s thoughts and feelings at any given moment.

Even at over eight years old, Gunner loves to play and it doesn’t matter to him what kind of animal is involved.  When free ranging, our chickens are fair game for his attention and they know him by looks alone.  On the other hand, Molly had no interest in pestering them or anything else, with their reaction to her being far less due to her complete lack of aggression toward any living creature.  As I wrote above she truly was pure in heart, and other animals and people knew and sensed this.  We have no idea how many litters she birthed in her previous life, but there is no questioning the quality of care she gave her pups.

When Gunner was having an off-day, obviously not feeling well due to his non-discriminating “palate” after consuming things like toads, lizards, and other often disgusting substances he’d find on our property, Molly stuck close to him, sensing his temporary sickness.  She would bathe him as she would have one of her newborns, and he loved it.  They were more than just friends or companions.  Far more.  We have two beds in our living room that they seemed to share one when something was “off” with one of them; further proof of their bond.

Molly was our third female, all from ABR, that we have lost; one to age, the second to heart problems, and now cancer.  Brandy and Gracie along with my first Boxer, Max, are now playing over the Rainbow Bridge.

So run and play with your new friends, Molly.  They will love you as we did, and you will love them as you loved Debbie, Gunner, and me.  Thank you, sweet girl.  We will always miss you.