Moira SS1_250x250Hi Boxer Folks,

I wanted to give you the year update on Moira (now Molly). She’s been spoiled for a year straight basically. As a single girl with no one to care for but her, I dote on her a little bit. Having known what she went through, being her foster first, I feel like she deserves to sleep on the bed and get to go on long hikes :) She’s the most docile boxer I’ve ever met. I can only get her to run about 20 yards on our Emma Long hikes, and never on a leash. I can count the number of times she’s barked on two hands in the last year, and she never jumps or plays rough. She’s amazing with my nieces – in fact, my youngest niece walked for the first time because she wanted to grab Molly’s nub tail so badly! She’s finally learned to play with toys, but mostly she just wants to be on your lap and be loved.

We got bad news for Molly this last December. A year into being healthy for the first time in her life, Molly was diagnosed with lymphoma. We were referred to a great oncologist from South Congress Vet and started chemo immediately. We’ve had our ups and downs, but today is the first day since October I can’t feel any of her nodes. My friends rallied and donated over $2,500 to her treatment! I guess it pays that I drag her everywhere I go, all of my friends and family have fallen in love her too!

Molly is such a joy and brings so much to my life. Thank you for the work that you do. I hope that I can foster again, but hopefully not because I’ve lost my precious Molly. I hope that 2013 is as successful a year for ABR as 2012.

I included a few pictures – the first is from our foster days. :)

Best wishes,