image1-1Today marks our 1-year loss of our beloved 11-year-old Boxer. Nova was one of a kind, as I’m learning all Boxers are. She slept in front of our kids’ cribs at night and quickly learned the high chair always had free snacks. If we tickled the kids to the point they said, “Stop”, she would step between the kids and us and flea bite our arms. Our kids were well protected when she was around. That being said, it was very hard on us to say goodbye to such an important family member. The following weekend we kept our plans for Dogtoberfest, despite the huge holes in our hearts. I was very specific when leaving the house, reminding everyone, “There will be rescue dogs, we will NOT come home with one, and we are going JUST to see the Weiner Dog Races.” My girls and I wandered off from my husband and noticed it had been a while since seeing him, so we backtracked. We found him talking to a few women and a cute Boxer in an “adopt me” vest. I tried to be stern and get him to continue walking with us but his words stopped me. “But she’s a really nice girl, just go meet her.” So I turned around, squatted down and Clementine put her paws on my shoulders and kissed me. Okay, talk about waterworks, I cried, probably ugly tears while Kris talked about Clementine. The girls loved her immediately and everyone was surprised when she jumped in my husband’s lap (apparently men were not on her nice list). All the way home the kids were asking about Clem, so I found her on the ABR website and continued to read her bio. Later that evening I couldn’t stop thinking about her, nor could my husband. Mark finally told me something along the lines that she picked him and we should seriously think about her. Little did he know I had started the adoption paperwork. A week later she came for a home visit and never left. She was skittish at first and didn’t care for our other dog much, but they have worked out their kinks and she won’t go outside until she wakes him up. We call her Minka now. She has made herself at home, she sleeps on our couches, sits in our camping chairs and loves to sit on you when you sit down to read a good book. She was exactly what we needed in our home again. She’ll lay next to you when you’re not feeling good and she’ll hug you when you need a hug. She’s very smart and loves to please us. Minka has wiggled her way into our home and hearts. We are very thankful to Kris and Candy and all the other volunteers of Austin Boxer Rescue. Thank you for all you do!
Thank you,
The Peters Family
Mark, Shannah, Kaylee, Kenzie, Tonka and Minka!