millie 8_250x250Hi, I am Millie.

Can you believe it. I spent my first year of my life in a puppy Mill… They were going to use me to have puppy after puppy. But my mommy took me in as a foster. She named me Millie… Well she kept me. I am such a good dog. I have no reason at all to not be…. my mommy makes me home made cookies. She put a doggie door in, maybe that is for all of us, but I was so excited when I learned how to use that… So cool. You don’t have to stay out if you want in. You don’t have to stay in if you want out. I LOVE IT! I get food, fresh water… oh did I mention I have my own pool…. yeap. I am the only boxer dog here that loves to float with my mommy…. in fact if she is on the float… I get right on with her…. she never will float alone again…. sometimes I think she thinks I may weigh to much now… but I don’t let that stop me at all…. Can’t wait until it warms up so we can go back swimming again.

You may have seen my new little sister J Jill (Neena) wow we have tons of fun. We play run, we play tug of war… we play hard, and then nap… We even share a doggie bed now and again, even though there is a doggie bed for each and everyone of us… it is fun to share…. J Jill is my best friend. The other dogs here thought I wanted to play to much… but not J Jill she loves it and plays as much as we can….together.

Thanks Austin Boxer Rescue…. I am totally the Happiest dog… all the time…. So cool you sent me this sister….