This is Weiss, I adopted her from ABR my senior year of college she was just 5 months old. I was starting a new life had lost the childhood pet that I had grew up with and didn’t want to start a new chapter in life without a companion. I know that it was fate that I got her because I had actually applied to adopt another pup from ABR and it had several people interested so I did not get that one. But I was determined to find a pup a forever home with me. When I was at the park viewing pups I walked past Weiss and she instantly came up to me. Her foster at the time told us that she was not one to come up to anyone especially strangers. I knew then that it was a sign for me to interact with her and see if she would be a great fit for me. I was able to take her for a walk on her leash which I was told was a very hard task as well for her foster but she walked on a straight path with me like it was second nature. It was all history from there. I had Weiss from 5 months old to 6 ½ years. She was the best dog I can honestly say I have ever had. She passed in October due to an unknown illness but she lived the best 6 ½ years I think she could have lived. She got to experience nearly everything I did because I literally went nowhere without her unless it was work and sometimes I even took her with me there because everyone loved her. I miss her very much every day and not a day goes by that I do not think about her. I know that every dog I have in the future will be compared to her because she was amazing, she literally got me through a lot of very hard times and transition in life and I was blessed to be able to experience everything I had with her.