I got Tracker in 2012 when I went to an adoption day. I was looking for a dog who I could be active with but also gentle and sweet.  He brought my husband and I together because we had just officially became a couple. We love him so much. He was my cuddle buddy even at his 80 pounds. He loved being a lap dog. It took a good year for him to be comfortable and not afraid of loud noises. After that he flourished. He was always so loving and friendly, he never barked at our friends when they came over he just spread more of his love. A few weeks ago we were told he had cancer and had to put him down. It came out of nowhere. He had been to his regular vet visit in March and was given a clean bill of health so this diagnosis was hard to understand. He became my husband’s best friend and my protector. He was always gentle but protected me when I was out alone with him. He is missed and loved by so many. Several friends came to say their goodbyes to him before we laid him to rest. RIP Tracker 12/23/18