Jenn and team –

I wanted to let you know about the passing of our son, Johnny Cash. He meant THE WORLD to us and we miss him every. single. day.

I’ll never forget the first day I met the love of my life. It was spring 2008. I was in search of a “mature” Boxer. I had heard about a reverse brindle boy – He was heartworm positive, was recently kicked out of his foster home for bad behavior and his Vet record read like he just spent the last year backpacking through the mean streets of Texas. (Scars and all)

When I first met Johnny at TA Brown Elementary, he gave me the side-eye as if to say…”…Lady, I’m not sure about you….if you take me home, you’d better keep me. You’d better love me.…”. The rest is history. We spent the next 10+ years making memories together: Trips to the beach, tailgates, spooning on the couch, and meeting in the kitchen for Sunday morning bacon! He even helped me “screen” my (now) husband. (LOL-he really did that).

We loved him SO much and wanted him to live forever. But after 13+ years on this planet, he told us it was time for him to go. My heart is broken. I look forward to the day I see him running toward me again.

We are eternally GRATEFUL to ALL OF YOU. If it wasn’t for you – and the work you do – we never would have met this BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING soul. So THANK YOU.

With love,

Mike and Kelly (Keating) Zizza and sister-Boxer, Henna.