It was about 2 months ago that we celebrated 2 years since Grace became part of the family with Jax (ABR Soda POP). Well unfortunately we lost our sweet Grace on Friday to cancer.

Last Sunday Grace wasn’t acting herself and seemed somewhat lethargic and also her appetite decrease which is highly unusual for her and that got worse Monday. We took her into the vet office on Tuesday and Todd who is a good friend of ours and our vet thought I had Jax with me because she was so not herself. He ran bloodwork which was off the charts and then did an xray to look internal fearing it was cancer that had spread. We then decided to do a biopsy due to the severe enlargement of her spleen and liver. Her spleen was over 2 feet long somehow contorting it. The kept her there to give her IV antibiotics and watch her. She was supposed to come home on Thursday but started to run a fever that day so they pushed it back to Friday. On Friday when they ran her bloodwork before releasing her the bloodwork became worse. Her WBC went from 40,000 to over 80,000 in 3 days and she was no longer making any red blood cells. She would need a transfusion and he suspected that she did have cancer this whole time and now it was preventing her from recovering at all.

Just wanted to let y’all know.