Max SSDear ABR,

My fiancé and I went to Independence Brewery on April 20, 2013. Going to breweries is something we both enjoy doing so we had no idea it was a fundraiser for “Pints for Pups”. We walked over to Austin Boxer Rescue and noticed a fawn male just chilling in one of the volunteers lap. We complimented on how calm and laid back he was and one of the volunteers said he was up for adoption. Luke and I looked at each other and started asking more questions about this little guy. We found out that he was about 3 years old and his foster momma (Jennifer Pope) said he was a great dog, house broken, crate trained, living with other boxer and even a Chihuahua. We have a very small dog so of course that was a concern of ours. So we asked if we could walk “Millionaire” around. We fell in love; we didn’t want to give him back. Julie (ABR Foster coordinator) suggested applying online ASAP. So the first thing we did was that. In less than 24 hours we got an email, call, house visit and all of a sudden we had a boxer in our apartment. We were surprised at how quickly the process was!! So far “Maximus” aka Max has been a joy to have, our 9-year-old terrier mix took a few days to fall in love with him. As it wasn’t love at first sight for her, as a matter of fact she gave us the cold shoulder for a few days. But now she loves her little “big” brother, they walk side by side when we are out for our daily walks and he is very protective of her and if she isn’t close by he makes a point to look for her. It’s so sweet and he has made the perfect transition into our little family!!! Our inside joke is that he is our “Amber” beer since we found him at a brewery… so fitting for us! Thanks ABR for all that you do and making our little family complete!!

Libby, Luke, PeeWee and Max!