Max MemorialI remember the first day we met. He was a very handsome animal, but was extremely scared and wouldn’t even let me near him. I remember the night he took part of my lip, and the terror in his eyes immediately after he did it. He was scared because he came from a horrible existence and had no trust. After that we learned to trust each other because it was the only way he would get to live. I remember him greeting me every day with a wiggling butt and a happy smile on is face. I remember us running around the yard-playing chase. I remember everything we did together. I remember all of it.
This morning Max and I took our last truck ride together. He had been declining over several months. This morning he told us that he was ready to go. We loaded into the car with the last bit of energy he had. He lay in my lap the whole way there and placed his head in my hands like so many times before.
Today Max left an old empty shell behind on a journey to a new life, but he did not leave alone. He took a piece of my heart with him. He will keep it with him until we meet again. I will see you again soon my sweet boy. I will know you because from your smile and the piece of my heart that you have next to yours.
Some of you will say “it’s just a dog man, get over it.” I am sad for you, because you will never know the love and happiness that I shared with my friend. Some of you will cry with me and tell me “I’m sorry and I love you”. I am sad for you as well, because you know this loss and have been through it yourself.
There is nothing like the unconditional love of your best friend.