We have now had Max (a.k.a. Ferrari) in our home for almost 3 months.  He is the perfect fit for our household.  Great job, Dana!!! 

When Max came to us, he was HWP and had a number of masses on his abdomen.  He also had some very bad teeth.   All of these have been or are being treated and he is responding very well.   He has gained weight and is putting some muscle on his back legs.  His energy levels have increased, and he is settling into our household very well.   He is the most mellow, sweet dog and is learning to be a cherished pet, living as a member of our family.   We love Max and are so appreciative of his foster mom, Melissa and everything that ABR has done to bring him to us.  I have attached a recent photo of him. 

After the first of the year, and when my husband has fully recovered from his hip replacement, I hope to join the ranks of volunteers or fosters with ABR.  What a wonderful organization supporting such wonderful dogs.   

Thank you!!!!