13592754_1326904100656292_2407020748472566094_nWe lost this sweet soul, Mary Poppins, recently.  From the day I picked her up from San Marcos she never left my side. (Freedom ride 5/18/15 top left pic.) Although she came to us with masses in her mouth and cancer on her hip, her spirit was ALWAYS joyful. Three months ago we decided she deserved to have a “forever home” for as long as she had left and we made it official….. Although she was part of the family from day one.

Mary, we will miss how you were always first in line for food, how you could take a toy and have so much fun throwing it up in the air and jumping around to get it, how you absolutely loved hiking, how you welcomed every soul into our home – fur or human, how you kept Griffin in line (yes sometimes that meant sitting on him like the picture shows), how when you wanted attention you would put your face SO close to mine that we’d touch faces, how you reminded us that life is precious and we should enjoy every minute we have no matter what.
Your daddy is sure you’re in doggy heaven chasing the squirrels and possums like you did here. (Maybe no more bringing them in the house tho. ?) He loved to sneak you a little extra food so you would know a full belly. We are so happy that your last year+ was full of joy.

Although we knew this would happen eventually due to the cancer, when it was time it happened very quickly and we are grateful you didn’t suffer for very long.

Run free sweet girl. We love you and miss you and will never forget you.