Major CollinI just wanted to update you on Major (formerly Collin). I’ve had him for 3 months now and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect dog! He is so affectionate (I don’t think his tail has ever stopped moving), loyal, smart and obedient. He is my first rescue dog and I don’t think it could have been a better experience. There has never been a single accident in the house, with potty issues or chewing. He knows sit and stay so well, is learning down, and just loves being around people. I can’t believe someone would let a dog like this go! My 6 month old nephew adores him and likes to get tongue bathed by Major. He giggles and squeals with delight! He’s getting along so well with his older step-brother, Colonel, my boston terrier. Before Major, Colonel was bored and acting his age (8 years). Now, you’d think the clock has been turned back 5 years for him! They play tug-o-war, sleep on the same bed, explore the backyard and love car rides together. There nicknames are “peas and carrots”, because they go so well together! They even have the same markings. :-) I just appreciate ABR taking the time to really listen to my needs for a new family member and matching me with the most perfect new addition. A special thanks to Marie, his foster mom and my new friend. Major and Colonel are my little “army” of slobbery sweet beasts and I couldn’t be happier! Please keep up the great work you all do!