MaggieAKABailey_250x250What can we say about Maggie (AKA – Bailey)? To talk about Maggie, we have to talk about how we became interested in ABR. As out beloved Rottweiler (Reeses) aged, my husband and I talked about going through ABR to adopt a rescued Boxer. When the dreaded day came and Reeses (also a rescue) passed away, our home felt so empty. The more we researched and talked it over, the more we realized how great the need was for this amazing organization and these wonderful dogs. We had the means, the space and the love, so there seemed little reason to wait.

About 5 week’s after Reeses passed away, we made a list of the dogs we wanted to meet from the website, had our home inspected, made some home visits and arranged to attend an Adoption Day. It seemed like it was going to be a really difficult decision until we met Maggie (Bailey). Maggie had been in the system for almost a full year. We could not imagine why she had not been adopted yet. Since we adopted her just weeks before Christmas, she got some trial by fire lessons in traveling and how to behave around cats, children and small dogs. Considering the small amount of time she had to get used to so many changes, she did very well. We quickly discovered that despite her energy, she is a very laid back girl and is just happy to be wherever we are.

In the past 7 months, we have become so attached to her that it is impossible to picture our lives without her. She absolutely adores Jason and can’t wait to box with him on the floor. She will also lives for her daily walks (or nightly while it is so hot). No matter how much you play with her, if she goes a day without a walk, we have one pouty pooch giving us the stink eye. So we go extra lengths to make sure one or both of us gets her out for a fast paced tour of the neighborhood. She gets lots of compliments on her beautiful coat and everyone finds her distinctive under bite adorable. Maggie is also happy with her cushy new lifestyle. She is well-adjusted, comfortable and devoted. We took her to visit my mom a few weeks ago and my mom commented on how attentive she was to Jason and I and that it seemed she had always been our dog.

So for that, we thank Jen, Stan and all of the wonderful volunteers and vets that work to support this wonderful organization. Thank you for rescuing Maggie and keeping her safe for us until we found her. Because she was truly meant for us and we are so grateful to have her in our lives.

Best Regards,
Jill & Jason McGee