Luna HE1 Luna HE3 Luna HE4Today marks a year with our girl, Luna (ABR Pogo). She’s been a perfect fit for our family, which includes an 8-year-old boxer mix, Sirius, and a four-year-old rat terrier, Milo.

From what we were told, she arrived at ABR with a broken back leg that had already started to heal and couldn’t be properly reset. While that leg will always be a little bit shorter than the rest, it hasn’t slowed her down a bit. We got her when she was 5 months old, and she’s been one big goofy girl with pure puppy energy – chewing the occasional baseboard, windowsill, patch of carpet or Toms shoes (We think we’re almost out of the chewing phase… *fingers crossed*). :D

She loves to play with both of her brothers, but she especially loves to mess with Milo. He has a special blanket that he likes to chew on, and she loves nothing better than tugging it out from under him just like any annoying little sister. She also keeps Sirius young at heart with her gentle rough-housing.

It’s really been amazing to watch her with my 10-year-old nephew. Every time he spends the night, she knows where she’s sleeping, and I’ve often found them passed out, completely entwined. He tells me all the time that he’s Luna’s boy, and he knows he’s her favorite.

She’s probably our most well-behaved child. She only barks when we come home, and she’s bursting with excitement to see us – we’ve learned that’s just how she says hello! And she never jumps up on you (she seems to know how big she is!) but instead just expresses her happiness with adorable, little front-paw-only hops.Luna’s truly a gentle giant and such a sweet cuddly girl. We love her more every day! Thank you for helping us find her! :]

– Kathleen & Joe Seaman (Waco, Texas)