Sayuri and HiroshiSo, it all started with me wanting a dog. Not some tiny lap dog, but a nice sized, rowdy dog. I soon found boxers and fell in love. At adoption day I met Lulu (aka Sayuri). She just got into my lap and hypnotized me. Needless to say I snagged her as soon as I could. She may be deaf, but she’s quick on the uptake. She listens better than any hearing dog I’ve had. We dog sat for a friend, and Sai was so happy to have a playmate. Puppy inevitably went home and Miss Sai was so down in the dumps, it was adorable and depressing all at the same time. In that week, I convinced the boyfriend that “we just had to have another dog, NOW!” Enter C.P. (now Hiroshi). Since the folks at ABR are super fantastic, we had him at home in no time. This ol’ man loves nothing more than good lovin’ and all day naps. Now it’s just doggies and sunshine, and maybe one more. (We’re still in negotiations)

Thanks ABR!

You Guys Rock!!!

Geo and Aaron