lucius_250x250Lucius (known at our house as “Lou”) was only supposed to spend one night at our house. I knew within fifteen minutes of meeting him that he would not be going anywhere. My house is always full of dogs – I have two Boxers and two foster Boxers. The last thing I needed was another dog who was going to stay permanently. Lou is 8 years old and is part of the permanent foster program. He was surrendered to a shelter, and ABR rescued him. Thank goodness – I can’t imagine life without him!

He’s the perfect gentleman. Has nice manners, likes to play, greets people and dogs very calmly, and does the Boxer wiggle. He is quite vocal – he doesn’t bark very often, but he talks to me and talks back to me all the time! This old guy has an opinion about almost everything and lets me know! He has integrated into our pack very perfectly, and is happiest when lounging on the sofa. It took me a few days to convince him it was okay to use the furniture. He and my daughter have become fast friends – he is already very loyal and protective of her. He’s so full of life and zest and love that it’s hard to believe he’s a senior dog!