Looney MemorialOur Looney was not a boxer but an American Staffordshire Terrier. However, he was the inspiration behind our rescue efforts and the reason the ABR got 3 boxers in dire need out of Midland, Tx.
Our Looney passed away on April 18,2011 at 5:45pm. He had bad seizures for many years and the end we could no longer control them, the vet tried everything. But in God’s wisdom he decided to take Looney home and make him whole again, for that we are forever grateful.
Looney came by his name honestly, he was a goofball. He came to us with some hip dysplasia, which is not unusual for pit bulls. We had a stair case and he would do this goofy walk up the stairs and down the stairs and make us all laugh so hard.
One special outing took him and our Dachshund Baby out to the duck pond park here in Midland. Oh my how he loved to go for walks, well on this day there was a mother out with her baby in a stroller and her dog walking on a leash, typical for duck pond days. But for some reason Looney decided he wanted to play with them, well he took off running and Dad was not prepared and the lead left Dad’s hand. LOL well poor lady is scared to death……….yet for some reason about half way there Looney decided he’d rather take a dip in the pond and did a sharp turn in jumped into the duck pond, LOL!!! Oh my he did stink after that, he got a couple of good scrubbings that night!!
We still talk about all our stories of him and his legacy that is now THE PITTIE FARM in Midland Texas. We are always standing ready to offer what ever help we can, because that is what Looney would have wanted.
We have his wife, Chula and 4 of his children, Fatboy, Baggie, Lightening and Hershey. And his memory will live on in all the others who pass thru The Pittie Farm.
Thanks and God Bless for a truly wonderful rescue in the ABR.
Amy L. Adams/Greg Clark