I adopted Lemur a few months shy of 2 years ago and wanted to send a few pics and updates. Lemur (aka Mr. Handsome) is a happy, healthy puppy. I can’t think of a time that we have been out and about that I have not heard complement about how beautiful and sweet he is. He is also very, very smart. I took him in as a foster at first, and ended up falling in love. Lemur is very goofy boy. His favorite activities are keeping an eye out on one particular squirrel in our backyard who seems intent on taunting him, going to the park and running until he is ready to collapse, hanging out with his “girlfriend” (sweet Pitbull mix female) at my friend’s house, and trying to sneak onto furniture he is not allowed on! He loves to growl and bark when he’s outside, even though I know this is just a “scare tactic” on his part. He is a sweet, loving and beautiful creature and my life has been greatly enriched since I adopted him.

Thanks to Austin Boxer rescue. I refer all people I meet who want a Boxer to ABR. Thanks for all your wonderful work!