Chubaca HEJPGHello ABR, I wanted to send in an update/success story on Lemmy (formerly Chubaca) for the website. He is doing so well!

We’ve had Lemmy (formerly Chubaca) for almost three months now and he is the most wonderful and goofy big dog! Lemmy lets our Pomeranian, Wesley, boss him around (which is hilarious to watch) and enjoys going on walks, playing with my sister’s Boxer, Stringer Bell (they are best buds!), meeting new friends, being a good judge of character, jumping around the backyard like a bunny rabbit, getting tummy scratches, putting his face in your lap every time you sit down, never barking, and jumping in the bath tub when he’s thirsty so mommy will turn on the faucet because running water is better than bowl water. He really steals the hearts of anyone he meets. I want to thank ABR for rescuing him from the streets of Dallas so he could become a wonderful and hilarious new edition to our family. Thanks ABR!

– Emily Daniels