Lady MemorialLady came into rescue on 6/14/10 with her brother Cayno. They were found abandoned in a back yard and from their coats and overall condition it appeared they spent most, if not all of their time outside. Shortly after entering the rescue, Lady’s lymph nodes grew to the size of golf balls almost overnight. It was assumed she had lymphoma and with her age not much could be done except give her hospice care. She started Prednisone and her lymph nodes went down for a few months. During this time Lady was able to frolic, cause havoc and enjoy a healthy serving of chicken. Sadly, nothing lasts forever and her lymph nodes slowly became enlarged to the size of base balls and she faded into nothing but a skeleton of her pervious self. On her final night on September 19, 2010 her foster parents came home to find her struggling to breath. They took her in for a trip to the emergency clinic where to ease her suffering. It was a calm evening and with the windows down and the cool, crisp breeze hitting her face she enjoyed her final car ride. As her foster parents walked her into the emergency clinic she began to seize and her life quickly slipped away. Lady was such a fighter and she always did things on her terms. Some how we feel she got her way even in her death. Her foster parents knew the inevitable fate she would soon have to face, but it didn’t make it any easier to come home without her. The house feels emptier with her gone, but we are so relieved that she has finally found peace. Thank you Lady for giving us those wonderful three months where we could enjoy you and we will always consider this your home and us your family!
Jen, Cotton and the gang