cuervo_250x250We are so excited to adopt Cuervo! He is such a fun and loving boxer. Our favorite things about him include: the way he puts his front legs around you to give hugs ( he would stay there forever I think if you didn’t tell him “off” after several moments of this affection), the excitement over seeing a rabbit on the trail, the way he “talks” to you, the way he can leap up to see whats on the other side of the privacy fence, the way his eyes glaze over when he is intently chewing on a toy (doesn’t take long for him to dismantle anything), and overall his sweet and friendly disposition. We are very glad that he and our female boxer (Sophie) love each other. In fact, how can we get her to stop licking him after a boxer match? lol We have given him a new name, “Kuno” which means brave in German. He is very brave in comparison to Sophie.

Thank you.

Donna Cagle