kimo_250x250I just wanted to updated about Kimo(doobie). I could tell as soon as i laid eyes on this guy that things were going to be looking up for both of us. I actually had to leave him to run by and pull the money out of the bank. His eyes never left me, i think he knew that we were friends for life. He took no adjusting what so ever. He came home and it was like he was here all along. He has two cats that he just watches all day long. His is truely a dog you want to brag about. He waits in his kennel for me to come home from work and we are side by side all night. I am so happy that we have decided to adopted a fantastic animal like him. He’s my co-pilot and we go everywhere together. Thank you all so much. I am so happy someone gave up the chance to own this incredible dog, if they hadn’t I wouldn’t have this guy as my friend. thank you all so much.

Brandon and Jessica