Keely2I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with my darling Keely. She is the sweetest, calmest boxer I’ve ever met. She is still a little fearful, but she’s doing better every day and she only went under the bed 2 times this week. She plays with me every day – in the morning when she comes in from her potty break and at bed time and she gets sillier every day. I’ve never seen a dog that gets along so well with other dogs, she’s a diplomat like no other. She’s also SO obedient. She stays close and I can easily walk her without a leash. She usually slips out the door with me, but if I tell her to stay, she stays perfectly.

In the picture with my yellow SUV, Keely is in the passenger seat and the driver is the boxer mix we adopted from ABR last year, Ginger. Yes, Ginger does have her permit. They get along wonderfully and Keely even gives Ginger sweet kisses. As you can see from the picture with my little terrier, Jessi, Keely has even won over my little monster. Jessi has a hard and fast rule against boxers, but she adores Keely and loves to chase her around the yard (Keely lets Jessi win). She even plays with my 15-year-old Cocker Spaniel, Sandy, and he is now going through his 2nd childhood because of Keely.

Every day I see her fun boxer spirit grow more and more and she has more confidence too. This morning she ‘protected’ me from the evil lawn mower. She still has a sad face, but I’ve seen her happy face – I just haven’t been able to get a picture of it yet because I’m usually busy ‘boxing’ with her when she gets happy. I’ll be sure to send a picture when I capture one of her happy moments – they are becoming more and more frequent.

Nothing makes my day like watching TV with this 50-pound angel on my lap or going to sleep with her glued to my side in the bed. Keely has truly blessed my life.

Many thanks,