Junie1_250x250This is Junie (formerly “Vino”) and she’s doing really well in her new home. After adopting Laser, I knew I wanted another Boxer. As the months went by, I got interested in volunteering with ABR, but I was unsure which direction to take. Should I foster or volunteer in some other capacity? These were questions rolling around in my head. Recently, I had a day off and a request went out for Boxer transport. A small female needed a ride from Round Rock to the clinic in South Austin. Since I live close by, this seemed like a small thing to do and I had the time. This was something I was confident about doing. When I picked up the dog, I immediately fell in love with her darling face. Although she was a little under the weather, she had big, sparkling brown eyes and a bounce in her step. The clinic was closed for two hours, so Junie came home with me for a few hours. My Boxer, Laser (also an ABR rescue) fell in love. He brought her all his best toys and showed her his best Boxer moves. His spin is reserved for special occasions, but he brought it out several times while Junie watched him with curiosity. When it was time to take Junie to the clinic, I had a heavy heart. I was already bonding with her. The decision to become an ABR foster home was a no-brainer. I filled out the paperwork and went back to South Austin the next day with the intention of fostering and eventually adopting Junie. Within a few days, I was certain that she belonged with us. Our adoption is complete and Laser and Junie are bonded and attend training classes at Starmark. She is a willing student and a quick study. Under my guidance and, with Laser’s help, Junie has learned to sit, to wait until I exit the door before she moves, and she knows how to heel, sit, and she places without moving until she’s given the “free” command. Junie is a very smart girl. She’s got the cutest bounce in her step when she takes her walks. Most importantly, she gives great Boxer hugs. Junie was thin and sick when she arrived — rescue dogs often are in distress when they arrive. With some TLC, extra meals, and good care, she’s made a fast recovery and we see nothing but blue skies ahead. ABR saves wonderful dogs, one dog at a time. Now, I’m taking big steps in volunteering and will foster another Boxer soon. Junie got a second chance and she has a forever home. We could not love her more.