JourneyWhen I first started volunteering for ABR, I told myself that all I could give was assistance with the website. Being a single parent of two rambunctious young ladies, an elderly dachshund and a grumpy cat, I thought that adding another furry friend to the family would be more that I could handle. Needless to say, when Jenn wanted me to meet a new addition to the rescue she said would be a “perfect fit” for us, I was reluctant to do so.

When my daughters and I arrived at Jenn’s place, we felt an instant connection with Journey and the previous reservations I had began to melt away almost entirely. However, I felt the need to sleep on it and we headed back to our car – my daughters looking especially glum and disappointed. Moments later, we were surprised to see Journey hop the fence and practically crawl her way into my car window. Being a person who can appreciate perseverance, that pretty much sealed the deal.

Journey was always meant to be in our family. She’s extremely tolerant of the girls’ rough and tumble ways and has become comfortable with the fact that we now foster dogs on a regular basis. She is proud to have been a gracious hostess to: Cuco, George Foreman, Carly, Tink, Russ, Amigo, Elsie and Bo, and has agreed to do so for many more to come!