JosieHE_250x250Thank you ABR for the Silver Heart Program. 10/1/11 we lost our 7yr ol Pretty Boy Johnny to cancer. I dont have children so he was my child I had since he was 6wks. I swore I would never let in anyone or pets in my life other than what I had because I never wanted to deal with that heartache again. My bro told me careful what you say God will put you through something to change your mind. Well he …did. Sgt. (on the left) was depressed when his bro passed. I big part of him went with Johnny. We tried getting a puppy for him but I wasnt the same. We decided to foster a boxer because no one gets a boxer as well as a boxer does. We ran across ABR & the program. New Years day we meet Rebecca (foster mom) & Josie 7 yr ol.(right side of pic) Josie came home with us & Sgt. loves her. He is playing again, boxing, just loving life again. Thank you for this gift. Josie in Hebrew means God will add on, God will increase, Jehovah will give. Johnny can never be replaced but we have been blessed with an angel delivered by ABR. Thank you volunteers, donaters, and ABR for what you do.