JoeyWe are so happy to have Joey as a member of our family. He fit in so well that we could not give him up. I’ve titled this picture: Joey and the girls.vBijon is the Rat Terrier and Kasey is the long hair Dachshund.

When we first got Joey we tried to re-name him but nothing else seemed to fit… so the name stuck.

He is very well behaved and is very courteous to the other dogs, unless they get to close to his food dish, then he lets them know with a quite growl and they go on their way. Joey loves my husband so much and the feeling is mutual. Told Bill, that since Joey came into our lives at the time of Bill’s birthday, what a wonderful birthday gift.

We Love the whole package…The snorting, the passing gas, silently and noisily, the snoring and of course the sneezing and the butt wiggle when he greets us at the door. He loves going for car rides and visiting his buddy, Harley, Bill’s parent’s dog, (who just loves Joey). He also gets to go to work most days and hang out with me. I really miss him when he’s not here. Some day’s we let him stay home with the girls so that they don’t get too upset and think that we are playing favorites. (Believe me, they are all spoiled). The girls can’t go to work because they don’t know how to be quiet when a customer comes in, so they have to stay home and protect the house during the day.

My son, Joshua, and my daughter Katie love Joey too. They really love it when he thinks he’s a lap dog.

We’re so happy that Joey has come into our lives and made our family complete.