The day I met you was a hot day in August. You jumped on me and kissed me wildly. You were heartworm positive, skinny, dirty, had kennel cough, and deaf and it was love at first sight. I hope you knew you were my knight in white, my handsome boy, my Jaxxon Mississippi, my deafy. I am so eternally grateful to have met you, to have joined you in your journey.  I wouldn’t change a single thing about it. I will miss you beyond all words Jaxx. I will miss your silent howl, your grumpy mornings and your happy dancing. Mostly I will miss how dramatically you changed my view about the world. How being deaf never slowed you down and being in your own little world made things that much better.  You, my boy, will be greatly missed.  Thank you ABR for allowing me to be a part of Jaxx’s journey. He truly was one of a kind. See you again Jaxx, until then buddy, you give them hell at the rainbow bridge.

Love Always,
Your Heartbroken Mom