jakelambert_250x250I was wondering around the streets of Dallas when I was picked up. I was a very little guy, with a scar on my shoulder where somebody put their cigarette out on me, and a couple of scars from life on the street. Despite that, I was still sweet as can be and hoping I would walk around long enough to find a family who would be just as sweet back to me. I am only about one year old, so I still had hope. I was picked up by a Dallas Boxer rescue organization and they brought me to Austin, where more fosters were available for me to wait for a forever home. But I had no idea that my first and only foster family was destined to be my first and only forever family all in one! They picked me up from the Clinic and brought me home.

I had just been neutered so I was moving a little slow and did not have much energy.

But soon I healed and my family got to see my fun side and boy did we hit it off! Turns out my foster family was from Dallas too and so was their Boxer Luca, who I had an instant connection with. My foster Mom was about to have a baby any second when I first arrived, and I was so sweet and careful around her, curling up with her to cuddle and keep her company (that whole pregnancy thing did not look easy!) that she soon started calling me Romeo, my new nickname, because I’m constantly wanting to cuddle and put my paw on you for a hug. Even once they came home with another pup for me to play with, this time of the human variety, I stayed a sweet boy. I babysit and run into the nursery whenever I hear the baby cry to make sure she’s ok.

Luca and I even take shifts on night duty, checking on the baby to be sure she doesn’t need anything. Pretty much right away, my first foster family knew I was it, I was the Boxer they’d been waiting for, so they officially adopted me and I couldn’t be happier! My dad and I wrestle and run all the time and Luca and I really are best friends while mom is my cuddle buddy! I’m a strong 56 pounds now, almost twenty pounds more than when I was rescued off the streets. You could easily count each of my ribs so my mom made it her mission to get me bigger and stronger and she did! I feel great and can keep up with Luca anytime now, which is good because she’s fast! My new family even bought me a new house, with 2 whole fenced acres for me to run around and just be me. I’m livin’ the life and have so much fun with my brand new family, what more could a sweet lonely guy from the streets ask for?

Besides another bone, please!

Jake Lambert
Adopted by the Linn family

Thank you ABR for the newest, sweetest and most lovable addition to our home!