Success Story – Jack (ABR Spudnutter)

I wanted to share an update on Spudnutter.

On September 21st we traveled to Austin to attend an ABR event.
My husband and I told our children that ‘although we would want to adoption all the boxers, the right boxer would find us’. He did. Jack (Spudnutter) stole our hearts the moment we meet him. He was so sweet and gentle with our children.
Once the volunteer told us his story I knew he belonged with us.
The first week Jack was skeptical about us, but why wouldn’t he be after all he’s been through. But now he knows he’s home. He loves to give hugs, take naps on the couch, play soccer with his humans…but is still unsure about car rides.
I’m glad Jack found us. He was what was missing in our family.

Thank You!