Jake[1]_250x250I took Jake home after meeting him for only a few minutes one Saturday at the Austin Boxer Rescue event at the elementary school. My Boxer Redd Dog, 14 years old has just died of cancer and I was looking to fill a very large void in my heart. There was Jake. It was love at first sight. He is so fun, full of energy and curiosity. He loves his new brother Oscar (also a boxer) and sister Ginger (a rescue too) and his energy must be contagious because both my older dogs are acting like puppies again. They play, chase squirrels, rabbits and deer all day long in our 2 acre fenced back yard. When they get too hot from playing they all pile into the swimming pool to cool off. Jake definitely ended up in a great home and I think he knows it because he seems so happy. I took him to my vet as soon as I adopted him and he has been on antibiotics for a bacterial infection but he is all better now and you would never know he was sick with all that energy. I work out of my home office and the picture is Jake lounging on his doggie bed under my desk. We love Jake and its like he was meant to be our dog.