Izzy1 Izzy2 Izzy3Hello! I wanted to share a little SUCCESS story with you guys!

I adopted “IZZY” on November 8th 2014. He was listed as heart worm positive but just wanted a loving home. I drove all the way to Austin from San Antonio to meet my new guy. I was nervous because I hadn’t even met him before, only texted back and forth with his foster mama, who I still keep in touch with so she can see how happy he is now.

We left the house and headed towards San Antonio. He was a little hyper in the car at first because he had no clue why these two strangers were taking him somewhere. I remember getting him to my apartment and his eyes looked SO SAD! It took me a very long time to get him comfortable with me! It is now August and he couldn’t be happier. His new name is Brody, and he just loves going for walks and rides in the car to grandmas house! He has a new best friend named Dolce. Who is my 9 year old frenchie.
He sleeps with me every single night, and never spends any time in his crate! At first I felt terrible about leaving him in a crate while at work so I gave him a few chances to prove himself to me.

He never once messed up! He trusts me now as the person who has his back, and that makes me so proud. He knows how to sit and lay down and give me high fives. He is the most perfect fit for me, and is so sweet and gentle.

Thank you Austin Boxer Rescue For everything that you do. I am truly appreciative.

Thanks for helping me find another best friend. ❤️