Rizoli_250x250We adopted Izzy early November 2011. She has been the most well-mannered little lady. From the moment she came into our house, we knew she was sent by an angel. She is the SWEETEST most disciplined boxer I have ever had. She came equipped with mastered behaviors such as sitting for extended periods of time while you walked away, laying down & tricks with treats on her nose. She was worked with considerably before she became part of our family. The folks at ABR couldn’t be more concerned about the placement of their 4 legged friends, and I am forever thankful. They are thourough in questions in making sure your home will be the forever home of these beautiful animals so as not to have them back in this hard system of shelters, streets, etc. Please know that just by visiting this site, you have taken the first step to finding a great addition to your family. Boxers are by far the most superior breed in my book..BUT I AM a little partial!!!

The Lawhorn Family