Ian the beautiful_250x250Hi, I am Ian. I came into foster care and had a horrible start. My life has been a tough one. I was scared when my mom got me if anyone even lifted their arms… I would fall running away even if they were not talking to me or meaning to scare me. Wow everything scared me to death…

Now, I am so loved. I get so happy when people come home. I almost hop into their arms…. they tell me I am way to big to do that…. so now I am learning to sit first to get my pat and love… wow I love that love….I love to play, jump and be the boxer I was meant to be…. it took a long time to be happy, but I am happy. I am safe and putting on weight. I use to look like just bones… not now… I am perfect now….well except for an occasional pillow… wow that is such fun…. I know I need to stop that…. but I don’t do it to be bad… I just need something to do once in awhile. Oh you say play with your toys…. I do that too….

I am the only dog my mommy ever had that can open any door… yeap I can open doors….round knobs, long knobs… dog crate doors… all that is easy for me. I have not figured out how to open the locks on the gates outside though…. they are special locks for Ian… I also cannot undo the dead bolt… I do think about it lots though….

Thanks for putting up with me, saving me…. I didn’t mean to be like I was when I came into Austin boxer Rescue…. No one ever treated me well before…. No one ever cared…. I know now I am loved. I know now I will be loved forever!

I sure have came a long way huh? Ian is a good boy…. Very pretty Good Boy..

Thanks Austin Boxer Rescue!