Hutch MemorialWe were able to share almost 2 yrs with our beloved Hutch. He was amazing! The second boxer for us to own. We were only going to foster him but by Christmas he had a bow around his neck and had won all our hearts. The time we had with him was way to short and we miss him so much. He was such a goober and a love.
We lost him not to what we are sure was a brain tumor. Which was so horrible for him to have to go though. at 9 that morningwe noticed small changes and through out the day he just progressively got worse. I knew in my heart that he would not make it thought till the next day and by 10:00 that night he lost his battle and we had to say our good byes which was so hard to do….losing a best friend is one of the worst things in life.
He is truly missed every day and my heart aches for him, because his time with us was way to short, but glad to have had what we did. He was amazing!!