Hubble1 Hubble2 Hubble4I thought I would send you another update. Hubble is doing great, we are almost into our fourth month together. Hubble’s personality is coming out more and more everyday. The latest news is she has gained a couple more pounds, she is up to 56 pounds. She looks really good and is a happy girl. She loves her walks. Her limp is completely gone when she walks but still favors it when standing and getting up or sitting.

She is now playing with toys a little more than she did. My mother got her some really nice one that she starting playing with. Oh yes she is now starting to talk to me when she gets excited. Hubble LOVES rolling in the grass.

I can’t say enough sweet things about her. She has been such a little blessing and is such a good fit for me. Hubble has a beautiful personality and she never meets stranger. We are still trying to work on our doggy social skills, we are slowly improving. We go to our first boxer meetup group next week. It will be in a controlled environment, so hopefully that will go well.

I hope all is well with the both of ya’ll, take care!