HomerSSThere really are no words to describe the joy that Homer has brought into our lives since the first weekend of November when he found and rescued us through ABR. I walked into the Petsmart on Balcones on a Sunday – something I never do because there are so many rescue groups there and we just weren’t ready after the loss of our dear 16 year old Buddy in March.
And there Homer was. And that was it – our hearts immediately had enough room to allow Homer in, and it has been just sheer fun, mischief, laughter and joy since.
From the first night, it was as if he had always been there – and he has even made BFF’s with our cats who regard him as a warm pillow or a silly playmate. He is so happy when he sees us that when he wags his tail, his body twists so much – it turns into a kidney bean shape. And although I am sure I am biased, I am CERTAIN he is the smartest dog our dog trainer has ever met.
Keep up the good work. I wish we could adopt them all – but just know that you perform miracles every day.

Michelle Vogelman