hennessy SSI’d like to thank ABR for assisting me with the new edition to our family. Henny is such a lovable dog and I completely fell in love with her when first saw her. As a Christmas gift, I was looking to adopt a puppy for my son to grow up with. But after thinking it through and being informed there was a waiting list for puppies, I thought that a dog her age would definitely appreciate a permanent home. She got along well with my 3 year old and gets so excited when he’s around. She is such a character! I found out the hard way that I shouldn’t leave food on the counter unattended. One morning she literally put her paws on my breakfast sandwich and ate it. I couldnt help but laugh. She follows me everywhere. Now I have “two tails” behind me, my 3 year old and her!! It is a great feeling to know that I have helped a dog in need and have grown completely attached to her almost instantly. Your organization is great and I truly appreciate the blessing!
LaToya Williams